My husband (age 25) has ulcerative colitis and is having a very intense long lasting flare up.

What do you have available this week for either a healing group service or individual prayer session?

Thank you so much for any help you can provide!

  • Prayed with them on Dec 21, 2022

  • Received this Dec 22,

I have excellent news! John has continued to take positive steps in the right direction since Peter’s Shadow! He barely made it to come, but walking out and the whole way home he suddenly started to improve. Today he is up eating his soups and even wanting to play some games. This is such a miracle for us, we cannot thank you enough! Obviously he still has a long way to go, but there was an extremely distinct difference in his condition after your healing prayer service. We will be excited to see Fr. Jacob soon too. Whether he needs more prayers or may even be back to mass soon!

God bless you!

Jan 1, 2023

Good morning Mike!

I wanted to check in briefly and let you and our brothers and sisters who are so kind to pray for us know that we are doing well. That includes the dog, who is slowly but steadily improving. Our vet called it a miracle.

I, too, have experienced a physical healing. I have had pain on the left side of my neck since 2017 that came on at work and had been getting worse. Several times this past year, it literally froze with a stabbing pain, but even when it was not that acute, the general background pain never left me. It is gone. God is good! The pain in my right foot is about 70 percent improved also, which is great because I was developing a limp when it was acute and it kept me awake at night. I feel I was supposed to tell you about that also.

In general we were all quite tired after our session with you. It may take a while to really get a sense of all that has happened. It was very profound and deep, and we are still in some sense recovering. I notice many things-joy may be the first I can name. The Holy Spirit continues to percolate up things that I take to prayer. I did want to share this praise report of the first and easiest things we have observed resulting from our visit with you.


I attended the Healing Prayers Ministry service in Berea this past Sunday, as I had a couple of prayer requests to our Lord for healing. One of them was improved mobility. After the prayers I received I went back to my pew and sat down. I decided to see if I had any improvement in healing. I was grateful and felt blessed to find out I did, and I still have the improved mobility.

The improvement I noticed was that I could repetitively twitch the muscles in my right leg, kind of like a spasm, but not. Ever since I was a child I’ve had very high energy and would generally unknowingly twitch my legs or hands without conscious action on my part. Since over six years ago my right foot or leg wouldn’t twitch, though my left leg still could. Though minor at this point it was a sign that God heard the prayers, which gives me hope that I’ll continue to have further improvements.

In Christ, M.

The stress and guidance on forgiveness was very beneficial and I’m sure a big part of why I experienced a healing Sunday.

My neck and shoulder pain had gotten progressively worse over the past few months. It was difficult to turn my head from side to side and I couldn’t raise my hands/arms very much. I Had to stop putting my hands up during the Our Father. It was too painful to even sleep on my side. Then Sunday‘s healing service happened! Praise God! I have minimal pain in my neck and very little discomfort in my shoulders. What a major difference in my life! I thank you for giving up your time And letting God work through you to heal people.

God bless you, Shirley

Man with Psoriatic Arthritis, shared that he was prayed over after the Saturday Vigil Mass the week before by the person from Peter’s Shadow and his wife, came up for prayer to give thanks and show the significant improvement in his condition. Praise Jesus, C.

Man shared that he started feeling a change in his hearing during the service and when he came for individual prayer he was able to hear clearly out of his bad ear.

A Woman who’s pain level was an 8 to 9 at the start of the service, reported that it was decreasing and down to a 3 during Corporate prayer specifically for pain and mobility.

A Woman shared that when the word Toes was shared during Words of Knowledge, she stood and received prayer, she reported during individual prayer that she no longer had any pain in her toes or feet, first time in a long while.

So many of the people that were prayed for shared a strong sense of peace and love.

During the segment where “Words of Knowledge” were given ( Addison’s Disease, Immune System, Toes, Esophagus, the Name Bob) , they all found a home with people.

Thank you, Sharon & Mary Loretta, for praying for me on Wednesday evening. Here is my praise report.

The Lord sent me to Peter’s Shadow as I realized both parents often told me they didn’t know what was wrong with me and this caused me to be very hard on myself. The Lord told the prayer team there is nothing wrong with me. I am the way The Lord wanted me; He made me. My broken heart healed and my countenance totally changed. I look different and remain filled with tremendous peace & joy.

I moved to a hotel the weekend after my apartment management installed plug-in air fresheners throughout all the hallways. My dog, Toby, and I became very sick. They prayed for our multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and afterwards we went for a walk, the first time in a couple months due to the pollen & the Lord revealing we were sick from the chemtrail poisons. We felt great after the walk and slept for 8 hours straight for the first time in a very long time. I no longer wake up with congestion or sinus headaches from the hotel laundry detergent.

Toby had lost much weight due to excessive food allergies. He is now eating very healthy food containing several ingredients he was recently allergic to that previously caused a swollen throat and weakness in his esophagus. Eating is now a pleasurable experience for the first time in years.

Thank you so much, Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Peter’s Shadow Healing Ministry!Thank you,

Susan B