Not only does Jesus still heal today, but healing is one of the most powerful forms of evangelization. Jesus never preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God without demonstrating the Kingdom through signs, wonders, and miracles. Healing is the most frequent demonstration of God's love.

Healing prayer is much more than physical healing. It encompasses healing of the whole person: memories, emotions, fears, anxieties, physical and spiritual.


Virtual Prayer Rooms!

Due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus and the ban on large gatherings in Ohio, we are utilizing virtual healing prayer rooms for the public on Zoom. Please watch your email and check our website for dates, times, and locations.

(See flyer with info below)

May the Lord protect you, comfort you, and bring you health and His peace.


Private Virtual Prayer Sessions!

We are scheduling private prayer sessions for physical healing and Unbound prayer. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a time for prayer.


Shirley: (prayed for last week) no back pain!

Barb: (from last week) bowel obstruction - resolved! Kidney failure - healed! All blood work is normal! She also spoke for the first time in a great while!

Maria: praying for a baby. Now pregnant!

Kristy: (tonight from prayer room) Peace and joy. She had a vision of Jesus washing her from head to toe. Came to understand the love God has for her - despite issues in her family relationships.

Tom: last week was prayed over for his throat - sore throat for 5 weeks. Today, Pain level is now zero! Voice was very hoarse - now almost back to normal.

Melissa: (from a couple of weeks ago) Her breathing issues have been resolved. Doing very well.

Thu, May 14, 202

Last night Sharon, Elaine and I (John) prayed for Kathie. She had terrific knee pain, level 8 pain, and was holding ice on it while we prayed. She felt nothing, we mentioned blockages and we talked and she shared that she felt she needed forgiveness (which will remain private with us) I lead her through a forgiveness prayer to the Father and finished with a blessing from Him for her. She sent the following to me around 11pm - "Thank you John! Going to bed with no knee pain! Praise God! I take this as a sign for the forgiveness miracle I asked for. "

Praise you Jesus

Joan, long term nursing home resident diagnosed with COVID 19. After prayer, all symptoms are gone!