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Not only does Jesus still heal today, but healing is one of the most powerful forms of evangelization. Jesus never preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God without demonstrating the Kingdom through signs, wonders, and miracles. Healing is the most frequent demonstration of God's love.

Healing prayer is much more than physical healing. It encompasses healing of the whole person: memories, emotions, fears, anxieties, physical and spiritual.


Virtual Prayer Rooms!

Due to the gradual opening up of Ohio, Peter's Shadow is now able to have private prayer in our prayer room. We will continue utilizing virtual healing prayer rooms on Zoom for those who request it. The Leadership team has decided to continue to have our Wednesday night Zoom Prayer Room as long as needed. Please watch your email and check our website for dates,

(See flyer with info below)

May the Lord protect you, comfort you, and bring you health and His Peace.


Private Virtual Prayer Sessions!

We are scheduling private prayer sessions for physical healing and Unbound prayer both in person and virtual. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a time for prayer.

We received these photos as a reminder of a miracle healing that took place in February 2018. Cathy had gotten bit by her cat and it was infected. She sent the picture of her hand by phone to us at the Ark and the Dove in Pittsburgh where we prayed over the picture with Sr. Bernadette and Sr. Gianna. The next day Cathy sent the second picture and told us the infection was completely healed.

October 5, 2020

Two weeks ago I asked for prayers for my left foot. I had been experiencing constant pain in my big toe and abnormal swelling of the ankle and foot for some time. After prayer there was no real difference, but I had a sense that something would occur. That night I had pain but noticed it was traveling around the foot. Next day I noticed a difference in the swelling and 2 days later I had no pain in my toe and the swelling was minimal. At this time I have no pain in the toe and almost no swelling which has allowed me to get back to my walks without pain. Thank you Jesus! John


I was at the healing service at the Arc and the Dove this past Friday, and I would like to share my testimony. I was prayed over for healing of my impatience and anger, and I knew it was happening.

I had been struggling with these things for a long time. I knew something was wrong, and I was always telling myself to “stop it, Val!”, but I couldn’t seem to help myself. I know it’s only been two days, but what a difference! What a relief! There is a clear and clean feeling where the anger used to be.

Whereas I used to beg Jesus to make a certain person go away, because I could not take another second of being subjected to his nonstop talking (even though this was a very sweet, Catholic person only trying to share good things), now I can listen to that person even when he goes on for an hour. Whereas I used to be angry and annoyed with everyone and everything (even if things were “going my way!”), I now feel patient and accepting of people. Whereas it got to the point of rolling my eyeballs repeatedly while talking to a close friend on the phone, I now speak to her with love and acceptance. Believe me, the list goes on.

I am so happy that Jesus invited me, and that He intended to heal me that night. And I thank you for all that you do to bring healing down. God bless you! Valerie


Healing Prayer Room - 7/29/20

I would like to thank you for your prayers. I am now healed from drug resistant tuberculosis. I am very grateful for all your prayers.

May I ask for your continued prayers for healing from my hearing loss and tinnitus. I hope the Lord will bring the healing to completion.

Please help me beg the Lord for this grace.

Thank you very much.



Carolyn reported that a baby Jacob whom we had previously prayed for - who had heart complications, now has no health issues! Nothing is wrong! Now 2 months old.

Patty’s son, whom we prayed for in regards to a broken heel - he DOES NOT need surgery. Will recover in a couple of weeks.

Mike felt a tingling and had a bit of relief from pain.


Anita via gmail.com

Jul 16, 2020, It’s PRAISE time !!!, (Anita lives in northern Ireland) The nurses are amazed at how much mum has improved since yesterday Yesterday before we prayed in the Peter’s Shadow Healing Prayer Group......

  • Mum’s Blood Pressure was high..

  • She could only be taken out of bed by a hoist, zero weight bearing on her feet

  • She was very irritable and unco-operative with the nurses

  • She was unwilling to follow any instructions given to her

  • Vomiting and not eating

Today after our overnight prayer... Her best day yet and she slept well overnight

  • Blood Pressure is normal

  • Put weight on her feet to get out of bed and stood on them with nurse holding one hand each side – no need for a hoist...up she stood

  • A different person – the nurses say, they are amazed at the improvement

  • Followed every instruction the nurses gave her, step by step, while changing the surgical dressing on the wound to a smaller one and the wound is healing very well

  • She ate a full breakfast and half of her dinner, no sickness

The nurses say, it is still early days, and today was a very good day (the best so far!!) but tomorrow could be a bad one, they say !!! – Mum’s heart rate is slightly low and she did not get her blood taken for any tests today.

It would be great if mum built on the progress made today and began to put weight on her feet in the right way and became more co-operative over the weekend as this will influence her access to a better follow on convalescent nursing home with physiotherapy beds in it. Also. I would love to see her feeding herself rather than being spoon fed.

Tonight, I am celebrating the overnight improvement with a twinkle in my eye in the knowledge that a wonderful group of people gave their time and their compassion to prayer for my mum and dad ....and For that gift of yourselves, I thank God !! – God is Good.

This was a wonderful improvement and when I rang home, you could hear the relief and hope in my dads voice. It was really nice to hear as well that a young man whose father went to school with daddy visited him today out of the blue and sat outside in the garden with daddy for an hour. Such a lovely thing for that young man to do !!......... and I actually think I heard someone pray last night for new people to come into my dads life..... and as if on command, this young man arrived at the door.

Today Indeed was a Good Day !! Thank You Lord

God bless everyone and hope you find this report to be uplifting and praiseworthy !!

Love and best wishes



June 28, 2020

Praise Jesus, this is a praise report. On May 3rd Jesus took my husband of 40 years home. I have had a hard time dealing with my broken heart and to compound matters, my left knee hurts so bad that I do nothing. Well. a dear friend of mine as she was listening to your program lifted up my painful knee and broken heart. When I awoke on Sat morning the pain in my knee was gone! And my heart felt lighter. Praise Jesus! Also, please pray for my husband Robin K. Laura K

June 26, 2020

Tonight, the Lord healed my right knee. Three times today, as I was at a doctor’s office for cataract surgery evaluation, (Surgeries the 9th and 16th of July) my knee “went out”. It felt like something was pinched. It would happen if I turned to the right without turning my leg/foot first. So, my knee had been sore all afternoon....but not anymore. Praise God! Celeste M.

God healed rejection & a broken heart Friday night. Susan.



My daughters Gina and Maryanne invited me to come to the zoom, healing service. I asked for prayers for my hip, which I had hip replacement surgery on two years ago. Though the surgery was successful, I experience a tremendous amount of pain in my hip area all the time. After the group prayed for me. I noticed that the area had a tingling sensation. I was afraid because I always have pain, but after the prayers, my hip felt better. Before the group prayed over me, my pain scale was a 10, however after the prayers, it was a 1. I feel more peaceful too. Thank you all for your prayers!! Joseph


From Brent’s wife,

Great news! I was able to bring Brent home this evening after being in the hospital since Monday. He came home with a pic line of which he will need 4 weeks of IV antibiotics, to ensure the infection is gone and address the source of his infection to hopefully avoid it from coming back. We received news that the biopsy came back negative indicating no cancer. A follow up MRI to reconfirm will happen 6 weeks from now.

The Liver Surgeon before leaving said "Brent I would call this a mini miracle as there were not a lot of good signs working for you when you came in." He noticed Brent's Bible that he took with him to the hospital and said He sure was on your side. So thanks for the amazing prayers and continued support! God is so good to us. We have learned when you put your faith and trust in the Lord He guides you though some of the most impossible trials and never leaves your side. Brent’s story is proven with that amazing truth. ️ (edited for brevity)


Last spring I had a miscarriage and lost our second child. I was struggling emotionally for months with missing my baby and not knowing when to try again. I went to the women's retreat in the fall and my friend encouraged me to pray with the Peter's shadow ministry. Not quite knowing what to expect, I went and had two wonderful people pray for my healing. Two weeks later my husband and I got a positive pregnancy test! Although we still miss the baby we lost, being pregnant with our rainbow baby has brought some healing to our hearts. I didn't know what I needed to get through that difficult time, but God sure did. I am very grateful for my experience with Peter's shadow and the healing it brought to our lives. anonymous

Shirley: (prayed for last week) no back pain!

Barb: (from last week) bowel obstruction - resolved! Kidney failure - healed! All blood work is normal! She also spoke for the first time in a great while!

Maria: praying for a baby. Nowpregnant!

Kristy: (tonight from prayer room) Peace and joy. She had a vision of Jesus washing her from head to toe. Came to understand the love God has for her - despite issues in her family relationships.

Tom: last week was prayed over for his throat - sore throat for 5 weeks. Today, Pain level is now zero! Voice was very hoarse - now almost back to normal.

Melissa: (from a couple of weeks ago) Her breathing issues have been resolved. Doing very well.

Last night Sharon, Elaine and I (John) prayed for Kathie. She had terrific knee pain, level 8 pain, and was holding ice on it while we prayed. She felt nothing, we mentioned blockages and we talked and she shared that she felt she needed forgiveness (which will remain private with us) I lead her through a forgiveness prayer to the Father and finished with a blessing from Him for her.

She sent the following to me around 11pm - "Thank you John! Going to bed with no knee pain! Praise God! I take this as a sign for the forgiveness miracle I asked for. "

Praise you Jesus

Joan, long term nursing home resident diagnosed with COVID 19. After prayer, all symptoms are gone!