Why We do What We do:

After struggling with infertility for over 3 years and seeking multiple treatments my husband and I decided to attend a healing service, partially for me, and partially for my grandfather who was in the hospital in critical condition (medically induced coma) at the time. When Fr. Bearer began calling out the illnesses I thought how it would be cool if he called out infertility or something like it. When we got to the second time of calling out ailments the first one he mentioned was “cysts on the ovaries” and I knew immediately it was for me. The reason we hadn’t gotten pregnant yet was due to my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (aka lots of cysts on your ovaries). I was SHOCKED at how specific this was and after leaving I told me husband that I knew it was for us and we were going to get pregnant. Almost exactly two weeks later I found out that we were expecting, and we are getting ready to welcome TWO baby boys to our family in November. Additionally my grandfather, who spent weeks in intensive care has made a full recovery and is back to living on his own and doing amazing!

Brigid, August 2019

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Came with pretty severe intestinal distress almost every day with dairy and soy. After this experience this has not happened. I have been eating cheese, ice ream, etc. with no problems. Also came with a very wounded heart and while praying with some people from Peter's Shadow after the service God spoke to my heart through a word of knowledge and I experienced some inner healing as well.

Jill, September 2019

I had been having pain on my right side for quite some time. That night my pain was at a level of 60%. After two people prayer over me, the pain was gone. After the pain was gone, it was like the pain wanted to return, but it was blocked. The pain has not returned.

Beth M, Immaculate Conception NoHP August 2019

Peter’s Shadow Testimonial

On August 23, 2017 I went for my annual physical exam, a CT scan showed several large tumors were in my abdomen. I visited a colorectal surgeon who, after examining the CT scan said it looked like a form of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and ordered a biopsy to confirm.

On Sept. 25 the biopsy results confirmed that I had a form of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma called Follicular Lymphoma.

A PET scan (complete head-to-toe scan) was taken on Oct. 2 which would identify any cancer within my body. That evening before the PET scan results were announced, Jim T called and asked if I could come to church at 8 PM so that the Peter’s Shadow healing team could pray over me… During the healing prayer and laying on of hands, I felt a deep calmness and even a warmth within my abdomen!

On Oct. 5, 2017 I had my first meeting with my Oncologist who prescribed a rather aggressive chemotherapy regimen for me called R-CHOP. This would entail treatments every 3 weeks for a total of 6 treatments. On Oct. 11, a bone biopsy was taken to see if there was any cancer in my bone marrow.

My first chemo treatment occurred on Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. Praise the Lord that I had no side effects. My last chemo treatment was scheduled for March 12, 2018; each treatment would progressively result in greater and greater fatigue. On Mar. 6, and prior to this last treatment, Jim T again invited my wife Mary Ann and me to be prayed over by the Peter’s Shadow team. Even though I was feeling tired and lightheaded I went to the Day Chapel at 7 PM to be prayed over by the Peter’s Shadow team. The experience of healing was awesome and I felt an unburdening and joy. Clearly the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident.

It is now August 2, 2019, almost 2 years since my cancer was first diagnosed as stage 3-4. The last CT scan showed total elimination of almost all cancer occurrences within me and very significant shrinkage of the largest tumors! I am prayerfully optimistic that those too will be of little consequence when all my treatments are completed early next year, 2020.I am ever grateful to the love and prayer support of the church community, friends, family and especially the Peter’s Shadow Healing Prayer Ministry for the power of their prayer in my healing process.


I have been cured of VERTIGO. It's been so debilitating, that for example I couldn't drive over high level bridges. I felt my heart pounding after being slain in the Spiritas four team members (and my best friend, who encouraged me to seek healing) prayed over me. Actually, falling backward should have brought on an episode, but didn't. ... When I got home, I tried various triggers, but remained "normal." I even dared to sleep on my right side... Woke up refreshed & joyful. 100% cured, thanks be to God.

Annie, May 8, 2019 - St John of the Cross

After the healing prays over me (pictured in the blue shirt in your card) my numbers for my lymphoma and cold Agglutinin Disease were perfect. Praise Jesus.

Jim, IHM June 2018, received May 2019

Healing Testimony April 8, 2019

A middle aged man, Michael, went for a check up with his doctor and they found significant amounts of blood in his urine. The doctors believed kidney stones to be the most likely cause. This made sense to Michael, because he experienced intermittent back pain over the past two years or more. The next day, Michael approached a team member of Peter’s Shadow for prayer. During that time of prayer, Michael noted that he felt a lot of heat, not warm, “his entire torso felt very hot”. During that prayer, the team member prayed a command “In the Name of Jesus Christ, every kidney stone in this man’s body be crushed and pulverized and go.” The team member also prayed in tongues, and Michael reported that he could feel each word of that prayer language through his body. Two days later, he went back to his doctor to check his urine again and received a CAT Scan. The doctors called Michael with good news and a surprised tone of voice. They reported that they found no blood in his urine. They had tested his urine only three days prior, and it would be highly unlikely for that change with that hypothesis of kidney stones. The doctor also told Michael that they expected to find kidney stones, but instead saw what looked like “dust particles” in his system. They could not explain this and told him that the particles were so fine that he would most likely pass them without pain. The doctor told him that she discussed this with two other medical professionals, because the results of the last batch of tests did not make sense compared to the first. This was truly a gift from Jesus to Michael who believes that Jesus crushed those kidney stones to dust by the prayer of command of the team member. Jesus’ Name is powerful! Let us go forward in praise of Jesus who is risen and alive in His love for us.

April 2019

"I am so blessed to be walking tall, standing without shaking, reaching up with renewed ease. My back is healed; my arms are healed; my legs and foot and ankle are healed. The Lord is renewing my mind and transforming my life."

Louise, June 2018

“I have had pain in my shoulder with limited movement and pain in my back and Mary Beth, Mary Margaret and Bob prayed over me and shoulder was significantly healed! Praise Jesus for healing me and my mother’s back pain as well! My range of motion hasn’t been great for years!! I am so grateful for these blessings and for this wonderful group of people serving Jesus through this ministry.

Helen, March 17, 2019 at IHM after 10AM mass

Debbie, Joe's sister, was experiencing problems that had the symptoms of anywhere from indigestion to a heart attack on Sunday evening. They took her to the hospital and it was decided after a dye stress test, that they would do a stent surgery on Tuesday morning because it indicated 100% blockage in an artery near the heart. We put her on the SFO prayer tree. Yesterday about 4 PM Joe went to the hospital and prayed over her with blessed oil, and in Jesus name prayed for her to be healed. This morning when they went in, instead of 100% blockage in an artery near the heart, the catheterization showed that her arteries were as clear as that of a 20-year old. Praise His Holy Name.

Bill, October 2018

Thank you for telling me about the healing service. I wanted to tell you that I believe that God healed my neck. I have had nagging neck pain for about 30 years, that required me to constantly adjust and stretch my neck several times a day, and when I was at the service, I was healed. I wasn’t really sure at the time, but while father was talking, I felt this very subtle popping in the back of my neck. But I have been to soooo many healing services over the years, and have never experienced a physical healing. So I was not fully expecting anything to happen. After feeling the popping, I still had pain in my muscles, so that is why I didn’t really say anything. My muscles are still a little tight (heck after 30 years, I would expect them to be), but they are gradually improving. It is the bones where I am no longer feeling any pain, and I no longer have to constantly pull on my head to reduce my pain. That is the difference.

Marna J, October 2018St. Francis de Sales Night of Healing Prayer

I had a chronic headache for years and it left and then my neck was loosened and I can move it all around now.

St Bernard Night of Healing Prayer

My back pain went away

Maurice April 2019St Bernards Night of Healing Prayer

My wrist, which I broke on August 1, 2018, has never been free of pain until last night. It was one of the "words" and Father Bearer said left hand,but my husbandsaid stand up for that. I'm so glad he did because now I only feel a very slight amount of pain. Praise God for his healing mercy!

Lori, April 2019 St Bernard, Night of Healing Prayer


Hey guys, Sending a short note of encouragement as you continue your wonderful works of healing. Never in the past three years has my back pain dwindled. It has been a trying time of chronic pain and white knuckling through the pain and suffering as a way to enter more fully into the broken body of Christ physically and in the mystic sense with the work I do (church).

Since being prayed over on Sunday by all of you, my back pain has gone from 8 to 4. I’m not sure what the Lord is doing other than I believe I’m on the verge of true and healing because of the way the Spirit moved through all of you to reveal to me the work God wants me to do with my heart. I’m also hesitant to type this in fear that the decrease in back pain may not be long lasting. I know that fear is from the enemy though. Selfishly, I ask that you please keep me in daily prayer for complete restoration and healing in mind, body and spirit.

Is is normal to see healing over the course of time instead of instantly?

LF - private prayer Sunday March 10, 2019

I had a broken foot and was in a boot, and my other foot was about to break. My pain was at an 8. After prayer it was at a 2. I am amazed. Derek

2/10/19 Night of Healing Prayer, St Luke, Lakewood

Hello, Just a note to say thank you for the blessing and help with my knee on Feb 17, 2019. While you praying over and with me I could feel the warmth & energy and that feeling stayed with me throughout the day. Additionally, I noticed that this week my mood and spirit has been lifted. Thank you for sharing the blessings of the Holy Spirit and helping with needs I did not even know I had! May each of you be blessed as you bless others! Peace, Angela

I attended the healing service to stand in for my son who was too sick to attend. My focus was entirely on him that night, but a few days later I realized that Jesus had healed my TMJ.

Christine, March 2019 St Martin of Tours, Night of Healing Prayer

The word was healing of spines. I claimed the healing - my back felt warm and the pain went away. I was able to stand on both feet evenly. I felt NO PAIN. When I came to the service my back was a 7-8 level of pain. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease.

Elaine, March 2019Walsh University, Night of Healing Prayer

When father Jacob spoke a word of knowledge for a left hand the pain in my left hand and thumb joint went from a 6 to a 0.

Rose Ann, April 2019St Bernard, Night of Healing Prayer


Praise be Jesus Christ - now and forever!

I am going to send the Praise Report via this email - that way I can type the WHOLE event the way it happened.

My husband, Paul, has a blood cancer that was treated a number of years ago by his oncologist with a course of treatment of systematically drawing off a pint of blood. (His red blood cells make his blood too thick.) That worked for a time, but in his most recent blood check by his Primary Care physician (about five weeks ago) his “numbers” were in the very high range again. (Paul asked him if there was a possibility that chemo would be used for treatment. His PC doctor said it might be a possibility.)

So he made an appointment with his Oncologist for Thursday, March 14th.

We wanted Paul to get covered in prayer as much as possible BEFORE his oncologist’s appointment. He had the Anointing of the sick (a few weeks ago), had friends praying over him and for him, and we wanted to go to a healing service.

Peter’s Shadow was scheduled for a Healing Service at St Martin of Tours in Valley City on Wednesday, March 13th and one on Thursday, March 14th at Walsh University in N. Canton. Thursday would have been after his appointment, and although we understand there are no “time constraints” with the Lord, we had hoped he could go to the Healing service before Thursday’s doctor’s appointment. BUT, Wednesday, the 13th was out of the question for Paul to attend. He had a father’s class to teach at the pregnancy center.

However, as I thought and prayed, the Scriptures kept coming to me. There were people in the Bible who asked for healing for people who were NOT physically present with Jesus. AND THEY WERE HEALED! So, I thought since Paul & I are married - the two shall become one - why couldn’t I go to the Wednesday night Healing service in his stead! I could go and “be” Paul!

So, Paul went off to teach the Dads at the pregnancy center and I went off to pray at the Peter’s Shadow Healing service at St Martin of Tours, Valley City.

The prayer service proceeded in the usual fashion - praying, praising & worshipping - with Fr. Jacob Bearer as the leader of the service.

Then it was time for Father to give the “Words of Knowledge” - what he and the team had received in prayer from God as to what Jesus wanted to heal that night. He instructed us that if the “Word” was what we had come to be prayed for, we should stand. So, the first Word that Father gave was, and I quote, “Jesus wants to heal cancer.” I quickly stood up! Then within a few seconds Father said, “in the blood”. Then a few seconds later, he said, “And he’s a doctor”. By this time I was just about jumping up and down and ready to scream for joy, amazement, thanksgiving and praise! I knew right then that Paul had been healed!!!!!!

You see, my husband, Paul, had been told he has cancer; of the blood...but our Good Jesus wanted to make sure we understood - He was specific to say, “and he is a doctor”!!!! You see, My sweet husband IS a doctor (a retired dentist)!!!!!!!



I texted Paul before I drove home that night and told him to cancel his oncologist’s appointment!

The next day, he went to the oncologist’s appointment. The first thing Paul asked him to do was to draw blood on him again so that he could see the hemoglobin numbers. The doctor obliged. The doctor came back in and showed Paul that his numbers were down ONE WHOLE POINT - a significant lowering considering they are marked by tenths of a point. Then he said to Paul, “No treatment necessary. Have your blood checked again in a year.”


We are in AWE! We are so thankful!


PS: Paul & I attended the Peter’s Shadow Healing service the next evening, on Thursday, March 24th at Walsh University to give Praise and Thanksgiving to God!

The above Praise Report is from me, Cathy, as I witnessed on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 and what Paul told me about his doctor’s appointment on Thursday, March 14th.

The following is Paul’s addition to the Praise Report: (in his words)

ANOTHER healing that I have received and am grateful for is the major change that happened to me in my understanding that Jesus WANTS to heal us! My thought process up to this point in time was that I should “offer it up” for my family, friends, etc. After prayer with my wife, reading Dr. Healy’s book on healing and praying before the Blessed Sacrament I had a change of heart. I truly realized Jesus wants us to be healed - Spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Therefore, I understand that I can evangelize to family, friends and others about Jesus’ love for us and what he wants to do for us. The gifts He wants to give and the gifts He wants us to give to others.

Thank you, Jesus!



Dan came to the night of healing prayer with his wife. He is an older gentleman, maybe 80’s. He came to the night of healing prayer with a cataract in his right eye. He sensed that the Lord was going to heal him that night and stated, during his testimony, that he heard God speak to him that promise. He even told his wife he would be healed. He would have needed cataract surgery without the healing. "While father was praying I told my wife that the Lord spoke to my heart that He wanted to heal my right eye cataract that I had for 5 years. "

During the time of words of knowledge, without any word of knowledge for cataracts, he was healed. When the time for testimony opened, he moved to the front of the church to witness. No word was given about eyes or cataracts. No hands were laid for healing of his eye. Papa God sovereignly removed the cataract from his eye. He was able to read the words on Mike’s black polo with his right eye during his witness.

What an amazing testimony of Jesus moving the heart of his beloved in faith, and then healing through faith in the word. Amen.

Dan, April 2019(Dan read the lettering on my shirt in front of everyone ! Mike) St Bernard, Night of Healing Prayer