Why We do What We do:

"I am so blessed to be walking tall, standing without shaking, reaching up with renewed ease. My back is healed; my arms are healed; my legs and foot and ankle are healed. The Lord is renewing my mind and transforming my life."

Louise, June 2018

A woman with a history of breast cancer and "something brewing" on her mammogram, was prayed over and experienced great peace. Her next mammogram revealed "NOTHING" Praise God !

"What a joyful experience! The power of prayer and praise was very evident that evening. I had recently been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis of the spine. My lower back hurt so much. Team members prayed over me, we asked for a healing, “please Jesus.” I sat back in my pew after praying with members of the team, swung my shoulders to left and right, No pain! I quickly stepped out of the pew and bent down and touched my toes ( which, at 74 years old, I really don’t try very often.”) What a celebration, Thank you,Jesus, for lifting the pain, and thank you,Peter’s Shadow for praying with me, Praise God,"

Pat S, October 2018St Francis de Sales Night of Healing Prayer

I stepped way out of my comfort zone and was prayed over by (the prayer team). I can honestly say in those moments, I didn’t feel anything. I wanted so badly to feel something, to feel those chains coming off. But this morning I woke up, I felt so much lighter and I knew that those chains had been broken. I broke down crying because for the first time in 15 years, I felt the Lord truly loved me and I am his beautiful daughter. Everyone of those chains holding me back from getting closer to my Heavenly Father and Mother we’re now gone. I’m FREE!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!! The Holy Spirit worked to save me and my family. I can’t thank you all enough!

Amanda, October 2018Unbound Freedom in Christ Conference

Debbie, Joe's sister, was experiencing problems that had the symptoms of anywhere from indigestion to a heart attack on Sunday evening. They took her to the hospital and it was decided after a dye stress test, that they would do a stent surgery on Tuesday morning because it indicated 100% blockage in an artery near the heart. We put her on the SFO prayer tree. Yesterday about 4 PM Joe went to the hospital and prayed over her with blessed oil, and in Jesus name prayed for her to be healed. This morning when they went in, instead of 100% blockage in an artery near the heart, the catheterization showed that her arteries were as clear as that of a 20-year old. Praise His Holy Name.

Bill, October 2018

Thank you for telling me about the healing service. I wanted to tell you that I believe that God healed my neck. I have had nagging neck pain for about 30 years, that required me to constantly adjust and stretch my neck several times a day, and when I was at the service, I was healed. I wasn’t really sure at the time, but while father was talking, I felt this very subtle popping in the back of my neck. But I have been to soooo many healing services over the years, and have never experienced a physical healing. So I was not fully expecting anything to happen. After feeling the popping, I still had pain in my muscles, so that is why I didn’t really say anything. My muscles are still a little tight (heck after 30 years, I would expect them to be), but they are gradually improving. It is the bones where I am no longer feeling any pain, and I no longer have to constantly pull on my head to reduce my pain. That is the difference.

Marna J, October 2018St. Francis de Sales Night of Healing Prayer

KT Had improvement in pain level in legs and arms from Fibromyalgia